Sunday, January 21, 2018
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Providing  full time onsite janitorial services fulfilling any task for our customers from constant cleaning supply and replacement of  everyday items toiletries, garbage bags,etc… We also will set a comprehensive maintenance schedule with our clients for when floors should be stripped and refinished or carpets cleaned.


We provide on call 24hr emergency servicing for our customers they can call us for a broken pipe to needing a wall painted or having new or remodeled construction. Any construction or handyman services can be handled by our in house construction dept rather than having multiple contacts for one project.


Most buildings don’t know that it takes approx 10 walking steps on proper mats inside a building to remove most of the dirt from the bottom of shoes. That is about 20 feet. Providing mats can reduce the amount of dirt cleaned about by over 200lbs in a year’s time

Professionally cleaned floor mats can capture 70% of the dust and dirt tracked into a building.

One-square yard of commercial carpeting can accumulate one pound of dirt each week; two pounds in wet weather.

Only 10% of dirt is removed from floor mat with a vacuum cleaner.

Clean floor mats pick up” dust and dirt better than a dirty mat

Having a textile rental service clean your floor mats assures mats are clean and attractive

Mats also help prevent slipping and reduce the amount of labor it takes to clean the dirt and dust brought in from other parts of the building


Our Indoor Air Quality Dept has the ability to test , survey and remediate buildings and ventilation systems of chemicals, fungi, spores, allergens, bacteria, lead and asbestos. We can test temperature and relative humidity. We use equipment to test how many particles are in the air. We look for building issues and help prevent Sick Building Syndrome or address it if it occurs. We will also perform Mold remediation or develop a plan and consult to oversee a project.

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