Sunday, January 21, 2018
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Infrared (IR) thermal imaging devices detect moisture and water in residential, commercial and industrial buildings which causes allergenic and toxic mold growth.

The use of an infrared camera expedites the inspection process of homes, large buildings, multi-unit apartments and hotels. It helps to determine where the moisture problems are located so repairs can start without delay to minimize or eliminate costly mold and water damages.

The camera, not much larger than a flashlight, does not actually find molds.  Its on-board computer and display screen show thermal images that quickly identify moist, cold or warm areas where molds are likely to be growing. Closer inspection is then conducted to confirm actual conditions and to recommend any required corrective actions.

Detect Problem Areas Before the Real Problems Occur

In production plants, office facilities, hospitals or hotels, an infrared camera instantly makes hot spots visible on a clear thermal image. You can scan electrical cabinets and components and survey multiple wires and connections to get an instant picture of potential trouble. Detect the problem area and repair it before real problems occur. Common electrical targets are fuses, electrical panels, bolted connections and switchgear.

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